2013 CTEQ School

The Coordinated Theoretical-Experimental Project on QCD


will organize and conduct the
CTEQ School
QCD and Electroweak Phenomenology

University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
7 - 17 July 2013

The school will be locally hosted by PITT PACC, and the Monte Carlo Tutorial Sessions will be organized with the cooperation of the MCnet Collaboration.




References in preparation for the School can be found on the CTEQ Pedagogical Page

The School is ideally suited for advanced graduate students and recent PhDs.

Topics to be covered:

Focused Introductory Reviews:
    Introduction to the Parton Model and Perturbative QCD                    
    Monte Carlo Introduction
    Deeply Inelastic Scattering
    Higgs Boson Physics
    Vector Bosons / Direct Photons
    Production and Structure of High Energy Jets
    Heavy Quarks
In-depth Analysis and Phenomenology:
    Monte Carlo Tutorial
    Higgs at Hadron Colliders
    QCD/EWK/Top/Searches at Hadron Colliders
    PDFs and Global Fits
    Neutrino Physics
    Intensity Frontier
    The Standard Model and Beyond
    NLO Computation and Matching/Merging

Organizing Committee:

Ed Berger and Tom LeCompte, Argonne National Lab
Jorge Morfín, Fermilab
Jeff Owens, Florida State University
Nikos Varelas, University of Illinois at Chicago
Zack Sullivan, Illinois Institute of Technology
Stefan Gieseke, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Joey Huston and C.-P. Yuan, Michigan State University
Davison Soper, University of Oregon
Tao Han, Cynthia Cercone, and Adam Leibovich, University of Pittsburgh
Fred Olness and Randall J. Scalise, Southern Methodist University
Stefan Hoeche, SLAC National Accelerator Lab
Werner Vogelsang, Tubingen University
Bruce Mellado, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Application Form

To apply for the School please fill out the online application form.

The online form will collect your basic contact information, a SHORT statement of current research (just a few sentences), and allow you to upload an (optional) "Curriculum Vitae & Publications" document. It will also send an email request for a letter of reference to someone you specify. All materials are collected online via the AcademicJobsOnline website; do not send hard-copies of any materials.

Final Deadline for Applications: 30 April 2013. (Note: Available financial aid will be distributed beginning 30 March 2013.)

Enrollment will be limited to 80 participants.

A registration fee of US$700 covers the participant's portion of lodging as well as most meals. A limited number of fellowships covering all or part of the registration fee will be available.

EMAIL: For questions, you may contact: cteq2013@list.smu.edu Do not send applications to this email -- all application material is collected online.

Members of the CTEQ Collaboration

A. Accardi-Jefferson Lab. and Hampton U.
E. Berger-Argonne Lab.
J. Campbell-Fermilab
J. Collins-Penn State U.
J. W. Gary-U.C. Riverside
W. Giele-Fermilab
T. Han-U. Pittsburgh
J. Huston-Michigan State U.
C. Keppel-Jefferson Lab. and Hampton U.
K. Kovarik-U. Karlsruhe
S. Kuhlmann-Argonne Lab.
H.-L. Lai-Taipei Municipal U. of Ed.
T. LeCompte-Argonne Lab.
B. Mellado-U. of the Witwatersrand
J.G. Morfín-Fermilab
S. Mrenna-Fermilab
P. Nadolsky-Southern Meth. U.
F. Olness-Southern Meth. U.
J. Owens-Florida State U.
F. Petriello-Northwestern U.
J. Pumplin-Michigan State U.
J. Qiu-Brookhaven Lab.
L. Reina-Florida State U.
H. Schellman-Northwestern U.
J. Smith-SUNY Stony Brook
D. Soper-U. of Oregon
G. Sterman-SUNY Stony Brook
D. Stump-Michigan State U.
Z. Sullivan-Illinois Inst. of Tech.
N. Varelas-U. Illinois at Chicago
W. Vogelsang-Tubingen U.
D. Wackeroth-SUNY Buffalo
C.-P. Yuan-Michigan State U.
D. Zeppenfeld-U. Karlsruhe
M. Zielinski-U. of Rochester

Sponsored by:

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Energy, University of Wisconsin, MC-Net and PITTsburgh Particle physics, Astrophysics, and Cosmology Center (PITT PACC).

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