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CTEQ School on
QCD and Electroweak Phenomenology

Location and Date

The Coordinated Theoretical-Experimental Project on QCD CTEQ Collaboration will organize and conduct the CTEQ School on QCD and Electroweak Phenomenology at University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA during 16 – 26 July 2019. The school will be locally hosted by PITT PACC, and the Monte Carlo Tutorial Sessions will be organized with the cooperation of the MCnet Collaboration.

Travel Info

Campus Map

Who should apply

The School is ideally suited for advanced graduate students and recent PhDs.

Focused Introductory Reviews:

  • Introduction to Monte Carlo Event Generators
  • Deeply Inelastic Scattering
  • Higgs Boson Physics
  • Vector Bosons / Direct Photons
  • Production and Structure of High Energy Jets
  • Heavy Quarks

In-depth Analysis and Phenomenology:

  • Monte Carlo Tutorial
  • Higgs at Hadron Colliders
  • QCD/EWK/Top/Searches at Hadron Colliders
  • PDFs and Global Fits
  • Neutrino Physics
  • Intensity Frontier
  • Electron-Ion Collider and Related Topics
  • The Standard Model and Beyond
  • Higher-order QCD and EW Calculations and Matching to Parton Showers


U.S. Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. MC-Net and PITTsburgh Particle physics, Astrophysics, and Cosmology Center (PITT PACC).


Please email the cteq.school AT gmail.com for questions aout the CTEQ School. Note: Do NOT send applications to this email; all application material is collected online.